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Bayheads Beer

Bayheads Brewing Company experiments with a variety of styles in order to offer customers a plethora of options. We do tend to lean more toward American style ales, however we try to dabble in almost every style of beer.

The beers listed below are not always available at our taproom!

To see what beers we have available at our taproom, please view our Beer on tap. We are a start-up nano brewery, please bear with us as this list will grow as we brew and develop more beer.


Available all year long! Due to changes in demand and supply, there may be short periods of time when they are unavailable.

Canal Town IPA

American IPA, ABV 6.3%

OG 1.056


Only available during certain seasons throughout the year.

Red Right Return

Late-Hopped Red Ale, ABV 5.5%

Usually brewed in the early spring season.

OG 1.052

Buzz Weizen Beer Graphic with cartoon bee characters and honey

Buzz Weizen

Honey Hefeweizen, ABV 5%

A hefeweizen brewed with local honey from Cochran's Bees and Berries in Chesapeake City, MD.

Usually brewed in the mid to late summer season.

OG 1.045

Screaming Polly Beer - Pumpkins and the Ghost of Screaming Polly

Screaming Polly

Pumpkin Ale, ABV 7.4%

A delicious pumpkin ale brewed with lots of REAL pumpkin.

Usually brewed in early fall.

OG 1.063

Special Releases

Available at different times throughout the year, sometimes as a limited release.

Nighttime Dredger

Coffee Stout, ABV 6.3%

A coffee stout using local coffee beans from Chesapeake Bay Coffee in Northeast, MD.

OG 1.060

Phantom Of The Bay

Black IPA, ABV 7.2%

OG 1.066

Pitch Imperfect

Blonde Ale, ABV 4.8%

A tasty blonde ale with a mild, but pleasant, fruity aroma.

OG 1.044

Bayheads Brown Ale

Brown Ale, ABV 5.64%

OG 1.053

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