Shipping Policy

The cost of shipping depends on the material, weight, and size of the item you order.

We always attempt to ship priority through USPS whenever possible. Some items may have special shipping requirements, and in this case we will use another third party to ship.

Priority shipment through USPS usually arrives within 5 business days. However, once we hand USPS your package, they control the delivery time. Other third party shippers have delivery times that vary.

We are available Monday-Friday. When you place an order it may take us 1-3 business days before we package and ship your order.

You can contact us to request special and/or expedited shipping. This cost will vary depending on what your request is.

Shipping prices online are for the continental United States only!

We only sell and ship our online products to the Continental United States. If you live outside the continental United States then please contact us to get a quote for your order. Anyone who lives outside the continental United States that purchases a product on our website will receive a quote/invoice for additional shipping fees that must be paid in full before we package and ship the order.

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